Nakazawa Hideki

[2012 Japan Times] "Hideki Nakazawa Exhibition" KICHIJOJI ART MUSEUM

A former eye doctor, artist Hideki Nakazawa takes advantage of his medical knowledge to create a colorful, slightly facetious interpretation of conceptual art. Nakazawa’s artworks explores avant-gardism and artistic profundity in such an eclectic manner that his diverse collection of works have left many critics unable to make logical criticisms.

This exhibition showcases works with particularly strong medical implications, including some themed on the brain’s perceptual activity. Characteristic of his work is the use of exceptionally stimulating visual imagery; Dec. 8-Feb. 17.


출처: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2012/12/06/arts/openings-in-tokyo/hideki-nakazawa-exhibition/