Yin Zhaoyang

b. 1970, Chinese

Yin Zhaoyang is a contemporary artist who reflects China's reality and its long history through his point of view, shares universal sensibility, and talks about China's past, present, and future. Having established himself in the global art market with his unique pictorial sensibility, he who has been embodying his art philosophy standing out among the current Chinese artists is a leading artist in the era and connects the previous and present generations.

Yin was born in Nanyang, Henan Province, in 1970 and graduated from the Department of Printmaking at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1996. He is known for his realistic techniques and tragic and heroic colors, and in his works, he contains dissatisfaction with the closed social structure of China late in the 20th century and longing for freedom. Through his works such as <Myth>, <Utopia>, and <Facade>, he built up a deeply spiritual world through complex and intimate language exploration, rough expression, and sharp colors. It made him become a representative of 'New Painting' in China.

Since 2011, Yin Zhaoyang has turned his work toward the "spiritual landscape" with a strong personality, a sharp modern perspective, and a profound tradition. With the grand and pure language of painting, he has created both personal and social historical landscapes of today.

Having a fresh impact on painting the contemporary art scene in China, his works have been collected and displayed in prestigious collections and exhibitions, including Shanghai Art Museum, Today Art Museum, Long Museum, Nanjing Museum, Rockbund Art Museum, and many others.