Rob Wynne: After Before

Rob Wynne: After Before

  • 18 August - 30 September 2022
  • WEST
"I am like an editorial bird…hovering over the landscape of language."- Rob Wynne, during the interview with Art in Culture

The Page Gallery is thrilled to present Rob Wynne: After Before, the first solo exhibition in Korea by the artist, who is a visual artist based in New York well-known for creating organic forms of text and abstract sculptures by pouring the glass.

Rob Wynne creates a wide spectrum of works from sculpture to painting, drawing, collage, installation, photography, and jewelry design. In his early career in the 1990s, he sculpted and painted using industrial materials, and soon he was fascinated by "glass" which became a major material for his work.

The artist recalls that one day when he dropped a ladle containing melted glass to the ground, he found it making a cosmic splat. It was an event that influenced the creation of his own unique way of pouring melted glass into the desired shape as if he painted, rather than setting a shape into a mold frame in a traditional sense. His flowing-down glass sculpture, coated silvered, and hardened, reflects like a mirror and creates a dazzling effect.

Rob Wynne borrows texts from literature and daily conversations into his glass sculptures, making the audience read out the resonant texts and at the same time see themselves reading them through the mirror glass. Besides text-based works, sculpture in abstract, biomorphic forms consisting of at least hundreds of small pieces creates an overwhelming spectacle, installed on the wall according to the artist's manual.

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