Choi Myoung Young: Conditional Planes II

Choi Myoung Young: Conditional Planes II

  • 21 June - 28 July 2019
  • EAST
"His attitude, like a spiritual practice to train his body to capture daily life, breathes life into the multi-layered canvas and creates 'simplicity and originality' that can only be achieved by devoting his body, completely eliminating other decorative elements."- Yongdae Kim

Choi Myoung Young has endeavored coherence in his oeuvre for the past decades, seeking Conditional Planes toward the ultimate planarization in his painting. Distinguished from Dansaekhwa’s primary idea of avoiding any reference to Western realism as an image, Choi has been scrutinizing painting as a planar existence by embedding its materiality in his practice.

The artist’s latest solo exhibition presents the exclusive series of verticals and horizontals that encompasses his 60 years of art practice - as well as the rich display of works from the 1990s to 2000s - resonating with Choi Myoung Young's masterly present.

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