Everything & The Art(s)...

Everything & The Art(s)...

  • 29 April - 30 June 2021
  • EAST

We often ponder what art is and ask if anything or everything could be art. Page Gallery’s spring 2021 show offers an opportunity to discover and experience various kinds of art including painting, sculpture, installation, video, ceramic, drawing, and textile. The artworks display diverse usage of materials such as fabric, neon, graphite on paper, vintage mirror, lego bricks, and vinyl. But most importantly, they represent unique concepts of art. 

This group show consists of artists from all over the world: American artists are mainly from New York and Los Angeles, including few African American artists. The rest of the artists are from Belgium, France, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Ghana, South Africa, and Austria. One of the reasons for the exhibition’s title “Everything & The Art(s)…” is to show and explore the current social and cultural issues which deal with age, race, gender, politics, and blurring the boundary of genre in contemporary art. Not only this ambitiously scaled group show is to demonstrate artists’ expression but has its emphasis on encouraging the audience to conceive and explore the natural feelings of human’s four basic emotions: “희 노 애 락” which means 기쁠 희(joy), 성낼 노(anger), 슬플 애(sorrow), 즐길 락(pleasure).

The longer we hold the suppression of our feelings during the pandemic, the more we lose what we truly feel. Therefore, the exhibition’s mission is to be the helping platform to let the viewers see that art is about inclusion, acceptance, and equality, not about exclusion. Regardless of the gender or the race of the artists, or what the choice of material or the financial value of each artist’s work may be, the viewers are free to experience the emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure. In this sense, art can actually be anything and everything.

We encourage each visitor to feel the freedom to face his or her own honest emotions in order to engage and associate with each work of art that can by anything and everything.

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art”

-Leonardo da Vinci