Jung Myung Taek: Reinterpretations of Muwi : Resurgence of Hermitic Objects

Jung Myung Taek: Reinterpretations of Muwi : Resurgence of Hermitic Objects

  • 20 August - 17 September 2021
  • WEST
“Muwi goes beyond living according to one’s own will, and is about maintaining the peace of mind that softens the movements of the body and mind.”- Jung Myung Taek

Reflecting how the value of space has been changing more rapidly with the advent of the pandemic era, The Page Gallery is holding a solo exhibition of Jung Myung Taek, which encompasses two areas: furniture and art. 

Art furniture, which defines an interior space as a work of art, has grown while raising engrossing questions about the relationship between commerce and culture, art and practicality. This exhibition aims to showcase Jung Myung Taek's latest works in 2021, as well as art furniture imbued with his spirit of naturalism.

Jung Myung Taek brought the concept of art furniture, which was formed in the United States in the 1950s, to the Korean public. While studying in the United States, he produced benches and table works as a designer and producer for the Wendell Castle Collection of Wendell Castle, who is often called the father of art furniture. His philosophical thoughts on art furniture, which encompass East and West, past and present, have been recognized in Korea and overseas. Inspired by the diverse old architecture of Korea, his works reflect his study of the harmony between architecture and space– that is, the material and the immaterial. 

The artist works by looking at the characteristics inherent in these works largely in terms of ‘pure beauty of Muwi (inaction, 無爲),’ ‘simple beauty of Musim (no mind, 無心)’ and ‘spatial beauty of Muhyeong (no form, or formlessness, 無形).’ 

This exhibition draws the audience into a deep and free exploration of Muwi, the essential relationship between matter and space created by Jung Myung Taek's resurgence of hermitic objects.

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