Misha Kahn and Dries van Noten Create “Organized Craziness”

Interview Magazine
Misha Kahn and Dries van Noten are two visual explorers hailing from different generations and mediums—one transforms furniture into acid-tinted creatures that are nearly unidentifiable as home decor, the other turns clothing into wearable abstract art. With their shared surrealist vision of the world, it only makes sense that the 62-year-old Belgian fashion designer and the 32-year-old American sculptor meshed their talents. Van Noten invited Kahn to exhibit his latest work at The Little House, an extended space in the designer’s first American brick-and-mortar store on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles. As part of Kahn’s show, titled “Watermelon Party,” the duo also released a limited-edition printed silk bomber jacket (worn by Misha above) and a t-shirt. On the occasion of their colorful collaboration, Kahn and van Noten connected via Zoom, in New York and Belgium respectively, to talk about the process of creating “organized craziness,” the importance of visiting a store IRL, and the booziest ways to eat watermelon.
April 27, 2023
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