Sadie Laska: interview

Studio International
New York-based Sadie Laska, who is both a painter and a drummer, brings her improvisation skills into her wall-based works, using collage, small objects and brushed colour in flight. Each work embraces the tactility of materials and the motion of thoughts and actions in the process of making.
 The exhibition True Colours, curated by Damien Hirst at his Newport Street Gallery (opened in 2015 to display Hirst’s expansive collection to the public), brings together three female painters, Helen Beard, Sadie Laska and Boo Saville, whose practice encompasses interestingly different usages of colour, form and subject. For those who have not visited Newport Street, the gallery spaces are cathedral-like in scale and use the idea of a white cube to maximum effect. There is room to view every work from a good, airy distance, and while taking a first look at this exhibition, it is impossible not to be astonished at the immersive colours of the works.
June 20, 2018
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