Collectors Susan and Michael Hort's Favorite Artworks at FIAC and Paris Internationale 2016

The New York-based art collectors and philanthropistsSusan and Michael Hort never miss a chance to travel the world in search of their next treasure (or treasures, as the case often is). This week, they’re touring Paris on the occasion of FIAC, the French capital’s largest art fair. Along the way, they carved out time to browse the nearby Paris Internationale art fair as well as galleries, museums, artists’ studios, and Paris’s infamous catacombs. Below, read their thoughts on the works that caught their practiced eyes.
After flying all night we arrived in Paris, dropped our bags at the hotel, and started our tour. First stop was Bernard Ceysson, where they were preparing for a new installation of young American artists. One of them, Tyson Reeder, was our first highlight—we could not resist. We loved the painterly depiction of Times Square—his color sense is great. We originally started collecting his work from Daniel Reich Gallery.
With these two paintings Sadie Laska is exploring a new direction. They are sexy and humorous but still use the same color palette as her previous work. We have seven of her works installed in our current hanging in New York.


October 21, 2016
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