Interview with Mustafa Hulusi

We're delighted to present a new artwork BLACK (MORPH) from Mustafa Hulusi, who is also best known with his works that fuse hyper-abstract elements with realist imagery. The release of his new work marks the first release by Mustafa Hulusi on Sedition since 2016. In Hulusi's BLACK (MORPH), crude analogue 16mm film meets up-to-date technological know-how with a 25 year interlude. The original shot of BLACK (MORPH) was shot in 1996 during Hulusi's first year at Goldsmiths College, London.
Mustafa Hulusi is currently working on his one-night only pop-up show of new paintings and video works at a space called Filet. The show Acid Horizons opens in March 2023. Coinciding with the new release, Hulusi curated a special playlist Acid Horizon exclusively for the Sedition audience. The artist-curated playlist highlights more hand-made works that involve an actual person saying something that is communicative, including the works Sense by Jenny Holzer, Twisted Crystals by Doug Foster and Flight Patterns by Aaron Koblin and many more. Coinciding with the release of the artwork and the curated playlist, Sedition talked with the artist about his practice, his latest inspirations and his thoughts on the future of art in the digital landscape.
April 17, 2023
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