Director Im Heungsoon Mirrors Gwangju and Buenos Aires

한국 영화
The movie Good Light, Good Air is a mirror reflecting Gwangju and Buenos Aires, the two cities victimized by national violence. It faces problems that require attention from the state and society, such as on-site restoration, excavation of the remains, and trauma of the survivors. Before it became a feature film, the work first met audiences in the form of video and installation art. In particular, the individual exhibition 'Ghost Guide' contains the meaning of summoning people who have become ghosts or are living like ghosts due to genocide to find their original appearance, mourn, and console them.
From his debut film Jeju Prayer, directing 5 films including Factory ComplexRyeohaengThings That Do Us Apart, and Good Light, Good Air, Im Heungsoon, a film director and contemporary major artist, has captured the lives of minorities, including victims of national violence, female workers, migrant workers, and North Korean defectors.


June 13, 2021
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