Rob Wynne

b. 1948, American

Rob Wynne, who majored in fine art at Pratt Institute in New York, shows the infinite potential of glass through a variety of media based on glass, including organic-shaped texts, abstract sculpture installations, objects, drawings, and paintings.

He made his name known in Korea with the exhibition of the brand name J’adore text sculpture and mirror glass decoration at the House of Dior, which was located in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul in 2015. Rob Wynne invites the audience to experience the true alchemy of glass art through his unique glass sculptures, which were reborn by pouring and hardening molten glass into a desired shape as if drawing a picture, and coating it with silver foil. 

Rob Wynne has had solo exhibitions at major American art institutes, such as the Norton Museum of Art in Florida in 2012 and the Brooklyn Museum in New York in 2018, announcing that he is an up-and-coming artist of this era. His works are in the collections of Center Pompidou in Paris, MoMA and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.