Na Jeom Soo

b. 1969, Korean

Na Jeom Soo doesn’t follow the trends of the time and resolutely upholds his own distinctive creative world. His works include a range of materials from stones, soil, straw, coal, synthetic resins, and film to mechanical devices that use motors. These materials are all presented in their pure material form and not as manufactured concepts.

The most eye-catching feature of Na Jeom Soo’s works might be that their materials were collected from nature. Free-form sculptures built out of planks of wood that are stacked on top of each other or balanced against each other are scattered here and there. In some works, the plates are visibly separated while in others, their points of connection are not visible, emphasizing how the wood has been cut down into thin planks. The meaning behind these works is similarly difficult to grasp. However, by taking time to observe the piece, one might discover the message that lies beneath the surface.

He chisels and saws at his works repeatedly to enhance their rough surface. Despite the intensity of the labor, the artist enjoys and approaches his work as play. He expresses the speed at which he fully experiences life in the hectic society through his work.